Our mission is to create the best baby care products in the world

For 125 years JOHNSON’S® mission has been to create the gentlest baby products in the world. Products so mild, they can be used for every age and stage of a baby’s life. That’s our standard of gentle.

But gentle isn’t only in our bottles, it is also in our heart.

At JOHNSON’S®, we believe in the immense, transformative power of gentle in the world. Of being gentle with our children, and with their dreams and ambitions. Gentle with each other. Gentle with the earth. Gentle with our words and thoughts and actions. Gentle means safe. Gentle means pure. Gentle means confident.Gentle means happy.

That’s why everything we make, everything we do and everything we stand for is as gentle as you want the world to be.

Choose Gentle | JOHNSON'S®

What It Takes to CHOOSE GENTLE™: Our Promises

We Promise To:

  • Number 1 inside a blue square

    Never Stop Raising the Bar

  • Number 2 inside a blue square

    Only Use Purposeful Ingredients

  • Number 3 inside a blue square

    Be Open and Honest

  • Number 4 inside a blue square

    Think Like a Parent First

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    Help Make the World a Gentler Place

The Power of Scent

We carefully and purposefully included fragrance in our new products as scent plays a vital role in healthy and happy baby development. Working with the world’s premier fragrance houses, we’ve created new gentle and soothing scents.

Reducing Environmental Impact

The world that baby grows up in is precious, so our products are responsibly formulated and gentle on the environment. We want the best for our world and your baby, so our formulas are all carefully crafted with environmental impacts and safeguards in mind.

Pioneers in Baby Care Research

JOHNSON’S® are pioneers in the science and research of baby care and products. We’re committed to delivering the best for baby. As such, our products are constantly improving and consistently beating the top safety standards in the world.

Below are some of our baby care research:


  • Sight is the last sense for baby to fully develop – their eyes continue to develop after birth
  • Eye contact between you and baby is vital for social development
  • At birth, newborns’ field of vision is around 8 to 12 inches (approximately the distance to your face when you’re cradling or feeding)
  • Babies only blink as little as 2 to 5 times per minute, so their eyes are vulnerable to irritation


  • Baby’s first emotional bond is through physical contact – it’s vital to their emotional and intellectual development
  • Baby’s skin is the first line of defense against toxins, irritants and allergens
  • Baby’s skin is up to 30% thinner and much more sensitive than adult skin


  • Did you know babies can smell before they’re born?
  • Try to be consistent with enjoyable scents to build familiarity to help baby improve their mood, calmness and alertness
  • Baby will recognize mother’s scent and it can stop them from crying
  • A study showed that babies bathed with a fragrant bath product engaged 30% more with their mothers after bath time, compared to babies who bathed in a non-fragrant bath


  • Research shows that nearly 20-30% of babies experience sleep problems
  • In one report, parents’ desire to change some aspect of their baby’s sleep was as high as 76%.
  • We developed our JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Bedtime routine in partnership with Dr. Jodi Mindell, a leading pediatric sleep expert from Saint Joseph's University and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Our JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Bedtime routine, can help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.