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Our Commitment to You

Around the world, we took off our lab coats and talked to moms as parents ourselves to get a better understanding of their wants and needs, and how our products could enhance their connection with baby. We also took the latest clinical research into consideration. Now, our reformulated products use more ingredients of natural origin, without compromising on ingredients that make our products gentle for baby.

Safety & Innovation

Our scientists are parents themselves, and we develop products with the same care and rigor that we want for our own babies and children- and with stakes that high, nothing is left to chance. Like parents, we are never satisfied with “good enough”- especially when it comes to the iconic products synonymous with JOHNSON’S® name all over the world. That’s why we continually update our formulas based on the latest clinical research and what parents are looking for.

Choose Gentle

Experience a new generation of gentle. For over 125 years JOHNSON'S® formulas have been specially designed for baby's unique and delicate skin. Made with 50% less ingredients and redesigned for user convenience, our baby products are new and improved, inside and out.

Our Commitment to a Healthy Environment

Here at JOHNSON’S®, we continue to push ourselves to improve our environmental stewardship, and meet ever-higher goals to be more gentle on the environment.

We’ve prioritized using ingredients that are not harmful to aquatic life and ecosystems, use a patented system to help us formulate products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and don’t bioaccumulate in the environment, and we’ve moved to more efficient processes that we expect will reduce our water usage at our owned manufacturing sites by 20%.