Our COTTONTOUCH® Collection for Newborn Skin Care

Our NEW COTTONTOUCH® products are specially designed with newborn’s sensitive skin in mind. Made with real cotton and perfectly pH balanced, the purposeful ingredients in our formula contain no parabens, phthalates or sulfates, allowing for a delicate and soft touch to help build the special bond between you and baby.

How to Bathe a Newborn

Do you have a lot of questions when it comes to bathing baby? Our step-by-step video will help guide you on how to bathe a newborn – you’ll be an expert in no time!

How to Bathe a Newborn Baby | JOHNSON’S®

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Did you know?

Sight is the last sense for baby to develop – their eyes are constantly developing after birth.

Learn Our 2-Step Baby Bath Time Routine

Enhance the experience of touch between you and baby with our 2-step routine.

Step 1

Start a warm bath for baby and choose a baby wash that has a soothing and light scent. Our COTTONTOUCH® Newborn Wash & Shampoo is perfect for baby. It has a velvety lather and washes off easily, leaving baby feeling silky smooth.

Step 2

Immediately after baby’s bath, follow with a massage using our COTTONTOUCH® Newborn Face and Body Moisturizer. It’s fast absorbing, and will keep baby’s skin moisturized for 24 hours.

Newborn Skin Basics

Newborn’s skin is their first line of defense against the outside world! Unique and extremely delicate, baby skin requires special care. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about newborn skin care, so you can spend more time getting close with the newest member of your family.

Newborn Sleep Basics

You might’ve heard newborns require a lot of sleep and a lot of love – it’s all true. Start a nighttime routine as early as you can with baby – it’ll help them get into a schedule and learn when it’s time for bed. Discover more on our sleep page for some newborn sleep tips and tricks.

Newborn Massage Basics

You might’ve been wondering over the last 9 months what baby would look, feel and even smell like. Now that they’re here, your touch is what will build your deep connection to them. Read on for more information on everything you need to know about newborn massage.