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Johnson’s® No More Tangles® detangling toddler hair products collection

Our NO MORE TANGLES® Collection for Toddler Hair Care

Tackle tangles and unlock those knots with our NO MORE TANGLES® Kid & Toddler hair products.

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Did you know?

Playtime during bath time with toddler will boost their learning and help nurture their bond with you.

Johnson’s® Classics kids products collection

Our iconic classics collection is perfect for kids and adults – from our classic baby shampoo to our beloved baby lotion – our products can be used for the entire family.

Toddler Laughing During Bath time

Bath time is an important time to help your toddler develop their social-emotional and physical development, and their learning and thinking skills. Explore our tips and tricks for bathing.

Parent Giving a Chest Massage to a Newborn *Duplicate

Help develop your toddler’s ability to relate to others and improve their motor and cognitive development through massage. Check out some tips and tricks for massaging your toddler.